Conserves Electric Power.
The ADS-600 allows you illuminate indoor space with reflected sunlight, and to reduce or eliminate the use of electric lighting in your facility.

Optimizes gathering of natural light throughout the day and year.
The ADS-600 employs a mirror array that tracks the the sun precisely throughout the year, conducting light from the brightest part of the sky down and into interior spaces. The mirrors conduct low-angle sunlight efficiently, and also shade the intense light sometimes found at high sun angles.

Brings the aesthetic appeal of sunlight indoors.
Tenants, employees, students, customers and other of your building will appreciate and benefit from their exposure to natural light.

Durable, free-standing unit takes care of itself.
Runs on energy generated by a single photovoltaic cell. Auxiliary battery unit allows unit to resume operation even after extended periods without sunlight. Durable dome protects mirrors from the elements.


Large Weather Resistant Dome
Large, UV-resistant dome is designed to protect the mirror assembly from the elements. Dome dimension - 48in x 48in x 24in

Suspended Mirror Assembly

Three lightweight mirror panels are suspended from a bar inside the dome and turn once every 8-10 minutes to match the sun's position in the sky. The mirrors perform 2 functions. Primarily, they optimize the use of sunlight when the sun is at low angles in the sky. Secondarily, the mirrors provide some shade from the glare of direct sunlight when the sun is high in the sky. The PV cell powering the unit also turns with the mirrors.

Compact, self-contained control unit
Reliable, all-in-one construction places the power source, drive unit, and electronics within a control box at the peak of each dome.

Energy Conservative
Conserve energy and reduce your electric bill in factories, warehouses, schools, offices, retail and grocery stores, etc.

Aesthetic Benefits
Natural light brings you a more natural environment, with subtle shifts in light level and color throughout the day.

Natural color rendering
Better rendering of natural colors helps those doing close work and may increase the appeal of products at certain retail stores.




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